Charleston Flair Bartenders and Beverages promises to provide exemplary service, personalized attention to detail, and a one-of-a-kind experience to suit your needs, whatever they may be, bar none. With several highly trained and experienced bartenders available for your event; hand-built and portable bars, available upon request; and several liquor packages to choose from, based on your requirements and specifications, Charleston Flair is ready, willing, and able to bring both showmanship and service to your event…without breaking the bank, in the process. From the quality of our ingredients to the professionalism of our staff, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your event is an unforgettable experience.


Peter Nickle

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Long Island Iced Teas, Margaritas
Favorite Drinks (To Drink…this week): bourbon and ginger, whiskey sour
Quote: “Being the bartender, I’m the host of this party.”

Every collective needs a nucleus and, within Charleston Flair, that seems to be Peter Nickle. Self-taught and highly motivated, Peter Nickle is more than happy to display his skills behind the bar. He is a natural entertainer and a conscientious host, with an extra dash of razzle dazzle thrown in. His involvement with the restaurant industry started at sixteen, as cook. From there, he worked his way up from dishwasher to server…to bar-back to bartender…and spends his nights slinging drinks at the same building where it all began. To him, the bar is a stage, where he has the opportunity to impress the guests, perform for the audience, and exercise his creativity.


JD Duffey

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Manhattan, Margarita, Bloody Mary
Favorite Drinks (To Drink): Bourbons and Tequila
Quote: “I just like to bring people into my world.”
Terrible at naming drinks

Duffey started his career in bartending in a casual dining environment before moving to The Crystal Icehouse, where he served drinks for five years. After seeing flair in action, Duffey worked to learn the tricks of the trade. He sees flair as something similar to music: flexible, fluid, and inspired by witnessing others push the craft to new limits. That same mindset extends into his favorite drinks, where he enjoys tinkering with the ingredients in order to produce new and unexpected flavors. A margarita on Tuesday might be entirely different from one on Wednesday; the Bloody Mary at Sunday brunch and the one you have Thursday morning could have distinct flavors all their own.


Armondo Celorio

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Margaritas with all natural ingredients
Favorite Drink (To Drink): Grand Marnier with pineapple

The newest member of the team, Armando Celorio, is more than motivated to climb the ranks. Three years in the industry, moving up to bartender from server, kick-started his interest in flair. That ultimately led him to Rob Ikeda, who directed him to Flair Bartender TV on YouTube, where Armando was able to begin sharpening his skills. It didn’t take long before his sister connected him with Peter. Almost immediately, his ability to quickly grasp the tricks and techniques of the flair lifestyle impressed everyone within Charleston Flair and it wasn’t long before he founded himself folded into the collective. His personal specialty involves using all natural ingredients – freshly squeezed juices and personally sliced fruits – to add a burst of flavor to every drink that leaves his bar. Going back to the roots of his drinks allows Armando the ability to bring out different flavors each time; his talents give him the ability to share that connection with his customers.


James Alan Wolfe

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Mojitos
Favorite Drinks (To Drink): Old-fashioned
Quote: “Bartenders are rock stars that never learned how to play an instrument.”

Since his twenty-first birthday, James Alan Wolfe has been involved with tending bar and serving up drinks to thirsty customers. Starting out in a more carefully regulated environment, James eventually decided that the corporate style of bartending was a little too regimented for his taste. A change in scenery brought him into contact with Aaron Pierce and, a year after that, Peter Nickle. The transition into flair bartending was only a hop, skip, and jump from there. For the past three years, James has honed his skills at flair at establishments in South Carolina and Georgia, improving his flair techniques all the way. In his free time, he prefers to stay at home with his dog Duke and practice his marksmanship, but don’t let his homebody tendencies fool you. When he’s behind the bar, this natural introvert explodes with energy, creating a symphony of bottles, beers, and drinks, connecting with his audience as surely as any musician ever could.


Tom England

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Bloody Mary
Favorite Drinks (To Drink): any porter or dark lager
Quote: “Every day is something different; as a bartender, you’re never in for a boring day.”

Of all the bartenders at Charleston Flair, Tom England started his bartending career the farthest away. His first food and beverage job, at a Milwaukee bar near a baseball stadium, started him down the path that would eventually lead him away from the snowy fields of his home state, down to the Palmetto State. After discovering Charleston Flair Bartenders online, Tom came into contact with Peter and then Rob, which led naturally to his joining the collective without much ado. Seven years in the food and beverage industry, five of which were spent behind the bar, have given him a wide breadth of knowledge to work with. Most of his techniques are self-taught – either from watching one of the other bartenders create a new trick or from watching videos online – and his knowledge of cocktails, shots, and drink orders is extensive. If you’re ordering it, Tom will either know or how to make it or he will learn how to make it. No exceptions. (Make sure to try his signature Bloody Mary: an expertly crafted drink, with a little bit of some homemade pizazz.) His desire to assist others doesn’t just stop with alcohol, though. If you’re sitting at his bar, Tom will be happy to provide a drink, a listening ear, or a kind word…if it helps, he’ll be happy to do it.


Rob Ikeda

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Triple A (crown apple, apple pucker, and apple juice) and Hot Tamales (Fireball, tabasco sauce, grenadine, and soda)
Favorite Drinks (To Drink): None! He’s allergic to alcohol.

Quote: : “Something about three feet of wood between me and the guests just really lets me open up.”

Rob Ikeda was always something of a class clown. As an adult, he uses that same comic timing – the witty banter, the quick connections, and the boundless energy – to make every customer experience something entirely new and wholly personal. At twenty-one years old, he began working in a casual dining restaurant and, shortly after that, was exposed to flair bartending by a professional trainer. When that trainer eventually left, Rob continued practicing and learning, drawn to the style and techniques. In fact, he was one of the first bartenders to begin working with Charleston Flair. Rob’s personal preference leans more toward “working flair:” a series of moves honed through years of high-volume business, but don’t let that mislead you. His stalls, holds, grabs, and transfers are still more than enough to impress anyone lucky enough to be on the other side of the bar.


Aaron Pierce

Favorite Drinks (To Make): Painkiller and Alaskan Iced Tea
Favorite Drinks (To Drink): Jameson and Athena (a particular sour beer)
Quote: “Through flair bartending, I’ve been able to connect with the customers on a wonderful level. Lord knows I’ve walked into a bar before with my own problems and stumbled out with a smile, all because of a good bartender.”

From under the big lights to behind the bar, Aaron Pierce has always been a born entertainer. Both of his parents were mimes and Aaron himself spent a few nights working in New York’s Big Top, where he learned the showmanship skills you can see from him when he’s creating cocktails and bringing you beers. But after spending his childhood years performing for the audience, Aaron decided at twenty-one that he desired a more interactive experience and moved to Charleston to start working as a bartender on Market Street. Shortly after moving to the state, he encountered Peter and took to flair like a fish to water. Aaron’s wanderlust has developed his knowledge base of exotic drinks to impressive depths, providing him with a wide breadth of international drinks that most Americans have never heard of, in addition to his own specially formulated cocktails. With a wealth of knowledge and a taste for connection, Aaron is ready and willing to a little bit of extra international wonder to your event.